Introducing the Official World Headquarters of How Big Is Texas

In May, my husband had planned to build his own large shop in the back of our property in San Angelo, Texas. He drew out the plans, but if you’ve been watching things happening around the U.S., you’ll know the price of lumber has increased dramatically. After calculating our budget and what it would cost to build a shop these days, we opted for a pre-made building at a much lower price. It works for Dan’s needs so all is good in the Bayes’ household.

With the purchase of the new shop, we had an opportunity. Dan built our current shed from almost entirely repurposed lumber. It held our lawn equipment and outdoor tools. As you can see from the first photo, it’s not your every day garden shed.

The progress on the outside isn’t all that drastic yet. It looks pretty similar to the old shed, except for a few things. The lawn chairs were sent to me by my aunt a few years ago and remind me of my grandparent’s chairs that we sat on in their yard near Troup when I was growing up. On the other side of the porch, you’ll see the washtubs my grandmother used to use when she did the family’s laundry back in the day. They’re in pretty rough shape right now, but we’re hoping to improve the look of them. Of course, the Texas flag is there, as well as a Hysterical Marker I bought on one of my many trips to Buc-ees, the convenience store of convenience stores in the Lone Star State. I have big plans for the side yard and an interesting building that Dan is working on when he has the time.

Things will be coming together soon for the she-shed and official world headquarters.

The inside is getting there but I still have a few things to work on including the trim and some other odds and ends. I’ve filled it with items that bring back memories of friends and family and, of course, the great state of Texas.

The wishing well is at the ready with my old Texas TRVLR plates. Still have some paint and yard work to do at the Official World Headquarters of How Big Is Texas.

My hope now is to have a podcast from the porch or from other destinations I visit while I share the story of How Big is Texas. Stay tuned!

Until next time from Texas … safe travels!

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  1. Brenda Byerly says:

    I just love your stories! I live in Flint or close to it. We were almost neighbors!!

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