If Abandoned Texas Could Talk

As not only a blogger but an amateur photographer, I enjoy traveling the back roads of Texas and shooting photos of abandoned things. I always wonder about the story behind a once lived-in home, a deserted, rusted-out vehicle, or any number of objects in which the only life these abandoned items can show are the weeds and grasses growing on, through, and around them.

With more than 50,000 photos in my inventory, I decided to share some of my favorites. Honestly, it’s been so long since I took some of these that I don’t remember the exact location where many were taken, so I’ll only label the ones I recall. Even without the locations, the mystery around them is worth sharing to me. If you recognize any of them, feel free to let me know in your comments.

While some places I don’t remember, I saw this light green house many times south of Austin near the tiny town of Creedmoor. I’m not sure why it fascinated me, other than wondering what happened to the people who lived there when Greater Austin started building up around the area. It was crumbling around 2015, so I’m guessing it doesn’t even exist anymore aside from in photographs like this one. What was the story? Why light green?
No story about rural and abandoned places would be complete in Texas without mentioning the Bluebonnet House on Highway 281 near Marble Falls. Built in the mid-19th Century, this house is magical, especially during bluebonnet season. I’ve also seen it surrounded by yellow flowers, too, but the Texas state flower seems to be the best fit for this beautiful place. I’m not sure if the house is still standing today. I certainly hope so, as I have no doubt many an amateur and professional photographer, who haven’t already captured it, would love to have their own images of this grand old abandoned home.

This quick trip around rural and abandoned Texas through my photography is barely a drop in the bucket.

Is there an abandoned place you really love that I need to see before it’s gone forever? Please share it. You never know when adventure will strike and a new road trip around the great state of Texas will occur.

Until next time from Texas … safe travels!

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