Day 5 – Eagle Pass to Lajitas – Texas Views for Days (394 miles)

Leaving Eagle Pass, Texas, we took a drove by Amistad National Recreation Area. Didn’t get a great photo this go around so I grabbed one from my library of photos and thought I’d share the beauty of the area.

View from a boat on Amistad National Recreation Area.

Another stop along the way was the overlook by the Pecos River High Bridge, along the Texas Pecos Trail Region.

Pecos River Bridge

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit Seminole Canyon State Park but highly recommend you stop if you ever get a chance to see the historic pictographs.

We hit the midpoint of our quest around Texas in Langtry, home to the Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center. You can relive the life of Judge Roy Bean and walk where he walked. You can also enjoy a stroll through the beautiful Cactus Garden.

The tiny town of Sanderson served as a great stop to fuel up the car. While there, we decided to fuel up ourselves and had lunch at The Ranch House. Great burgers!

Having visited Gage Gardens several times when my husband and I traveled to the Big Bend Region, I recommended we stop in Marathon to visit. We strolled through and enjoyed the well-manicured area with beautiful trees, flowers, and butterflies.

The drive down to Big Bend National Park is always beautiful, as the mountains come into view. We ate at great steak dinner in Terlingua at Starlight Theatre and then visited the Terlingua Ghost Town Cemetery before a rain shower caught us.

Paid our respect to the World Famous Mayor of Lajitas, Clay Henry. We heard he may be seeking a higher office so stay tuned. We may consider being his campaign managers.

Our final stop for the end of Day 5 was Lajitas Golf Resort, along the Rio Grande River. It’s a beautiful facility with lots of options to enjoy from horseback riding to shooting sports to ziplines.

Sunset at Lajitas

We ended the evening with a breathtaking sunset at the resort. Looking forward to day six as we head to El Paso on our sixth leg of the quest around Texas.

Until next time from Texas … safe travels!

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