My Texas Culinary Holiday Gift Guide

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a gift guide of Texas items for the holidays. I didn’t include culinary options so I thought I’d do a part two gift guide, but this time only focusing on the great eats of Texas. I encourage you to Eat in the Heart of Texas and share your favorites with family and friends this holiday season.

As a Native Texan, I don’t remember not having fruitcake during the holidays. This solid fruit and nut-filled cake has gotten a bum rap for years. I loved my grandmother’s fruitcake and while I have her recipe, I like to treat our family to Collin Street Bakery fruitcake from Corsicana. They’ve been making fruitcakes for more than 100 years. If you can’t make it to their store, you might find a tin at your local grocery store. Otherwise, you can always order on line.

If you love pecans but you prefer another type of pecan-filled decadence, check out Gaidos in Galveston. They’re not just known for their seafood, which is delicious, but also for their Texas-shaped Pecan Pie. In case you didn’t know, the pecan is the state tree of Texas and the pecan pie was named the state’s official pie in 2013.

Restaurant cards make great gifts. It’s nice to support your favorite diner or restaurants in your community by purchasing gift certificates or cards for family and friends. If I found a Whataburger gift card in my stocking, I’d be pretty happy with this chain that started in Texas. You can even buy Whataburger bling!

Want to spice up someone’s life who loves to cook? Check out Pendery’s World of Chiles and Spices in Fort Worth or TexJoy Signature Seasonings in Beaumont. I keep both in my cupboards

Did you know Texas farmers are producing olive oil in Dripping Springs? Texas Hill Country Olive Co. has been at it since 2008. Another nice gift for a cook in the family.

It’s that time of year for great citrus from the valley. I’ve actually checked citrus with my luggage when flying home from a conference, it’s so good. You can place mail orders from many of the citrus farms. I’ve ordered from Granny Clare’s Citrus and purchased their grapefruits and oranges.

If you prefer gifts of non-alcoholic beverages, consider a case of Texas-made Dr Pepper and Big Red from Waco or vintage sodas from Dublin Bottling Works, made with pure cane sugar. Some of my favorites from Dublin – TeXas Root Beer, Grapefruit Soda, Orange Dream, and Sweet Peach. You also can’t go wrong with Fru Fru Berry.

If you’re still looking for options, visit the Go Texan site and search among the list of products made in Texas. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect gift made in Texas to share this season.

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!

Until next time…from Texas … safe travels!

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