The Shape of Texas – Literally

January was a long month for my husband and me. We both dealt with a few weeks of having Covid so, needless to say, I wasn’t blogging about Texas very much.

Check out these baking dishes in the shape of Texas. They’re both beautiful and functional. Be still my heart.

During that time, I did get to think about things and, as always, my beloved Lone Star State filled my head, particularly the shape of it. Let’s face it, if you put the outline of Texas in front of most people, they know exactly what it is. You can’t say that about a lot of other states in the U.S. and even many countries. I got to looking through my photos and found so many Texas-shaped items I’ve either seen, purchased, or have in my house so I’m sharing the big, beautiful shape and its various types of representation with you. And I must say, I’m Lone Star Proud as a Native Texan.

You wouldn’t think food would be made in the form of Texas, but some creative geniuses and lovers of Texas figured it out and I’m forever grateful.

While I’m not a big jewelry fan, I love it when it’s shaped like the Lone Star State. From my cheap mood ring to my beautiful Concho Pearl Necklace, I where both proudly.

Companies and organizations recognize the value of marketing and standing out. Using the unique Texas shape on signs and billboards catches the eye and says I love Texas.

Even artists like to show off the shape of the state in their artwork.

Love from Angelo sign in San Angelo.

From quilts to Christmas lights to Texas-shaped home decor, the ideas just keep on coming.

My grandfather created a Texas-shaped, concrete fish pond for my great grandmother when he was young. In his honor, I chose to create a Texas-shaped wildflower garden.

My Texas-shaped wildflower garden is now filled with soil and wildflower seeds. Here’s hoping for blooms this spring.

While there are certainly more items than these I’ve shared, including Texas-shaped swimming pools in Houston and Plano and Texas-shaped pecan pies in Galveston, there’s really no end. Keep on the lookout for more Texas-shaped greatness and see for yourself.

If you’re looking for other Texas-shaped items, click here for a few more favorites of mine. Do you have any favorite Texas-shapes?

Until next time from Texas … safe travels!

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  1. Great post and photos! There’s nothing like Texas! I like the food in the shape of Texas — it’s always fun to see stuff like that.

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