My Travel Must-Haves

Because I travel a great deal because of my job and my blog, convenience is truly important to me. Here are a few things that are helpful for me on the road, especially when I need something and are unable to find it while traveling.

When You Can’t Buy Local and You Need It Fast

I’ve been an Amazon Prime subscriber since my husband and I decided to take off for a year and travel in our RV. Being able to order something we might need for the RV that we couldn’t find in town made it very convenient. I’ll admit, I shop local as much as I can, but when the thing I need isn’t available from a local store, Prime is my option since I can get my order within two days most of the time.

Listening to Books on Audible

Let’s face it, Texas is a BIG state, hence the blog. When you’re putting miles and miles on your car or RV while traveling through the Lone Star State, it helps to have additional entertainment. I’ve been an listener since I was commuting in Austin. Listening to books in the car made the traffic not seem so bad and probably prevented a lot of road rage. Just kidding, well, kind of. I have listened to almost 200 audio books in nearly eight years. That’s over two dozen a year. I will admit, I do love an actual book in hand, but when I’m on the road, audible is my listening choice.

My Favorite Audible Books

Some of these are about Texas, some mention Texas, and some are written by Texans. I love them all.

Travel Tunes from Prime Music

When you want to get on the road again or just chill while traveling or even unwind when you get to your destination, ad-free streaming of millions of songs is a must for me. I need access to my favorite Texas artists like Lyle Lovett, George Strait, Willie Nelson, Norah Jones, and Asleep at the Wheel. I’ll throw in Tanya Tucker, Pat Green, Miranda Lambert, and Kelly Clarkson for good measure. Prime music is my go to.

My Travel Lists and More

There are a handful of items I like to take with me when I travel. Sometimes it’s in the RV with my husband and our dogs and sometimes it’s just me or some of my girlfriends. Check out my travel list for ideas.