My Top 10 Quirky and Eccentric Texas Things to See

When you think of things to see in the Lone Star State, many people think of those iconic places like The Alamo in San Antonio, the Texas Capitol in Austin, or Palo Duro Canyon in the Panhandle. As a Native Texan, I love all of those locations but there’s something about the quirky and eccentric…

My Top 5 Most Interesting Small Texas Towns

Having visited a huge number of cities and towns across Texas in my lifetime, some of the smaller communities really stand out in my travels. Here are my picks for Top 5 Most Interesting Small Texas Towns. I think you’ll like them, too. Terlingua – Population 82 – (Big Bend Region) Few places I’ve visited…

In Closing – Final Thoughts on This Trip

This specific quest completed, we’re sharing some thoughts from our trip, all 3,331 miles of it. I asked the ladies to state their thoughts in their own words so here we go. Favorite Food Stops While we didn’t eat every second of every day, food pictures seemed to get the most comments from our friends….

Day 6 – Lajitas to El Paso – Get Busy Livin’ – (276 miles)

After a much-needed night’s slumber at Lajitas Golf Resort, we packed up the car and headed down the River Road to Presidio. To give you an idea of the size of the largest county in Texas of the 254 counties that represent the Lone Star State, Brewster County is made up of 6,192 square miles….

Day 5 – Eagle Pass to Lajitas – Views for Days (394 miles)

Leaving Eagle Pass, we took a drove by Amistad National Recreation Area. Didn’t get a great photo this go around so I grabbed one from my library of photos and thought I’d share the beauty of the area. Another stop along the way was the overlook by the Pecos River High Bridge, along the Texas…