Reflecting on Life – Sweet or Unsweet Tea in Texas

This is sort of a post about my travels, sort of.

A few years ago while I was driving to work, my radio was tuned to Sirius radio and various news stations, all telling their own versions of some truth. In just a few short minutes, I heard so much bickering, I had to turn it off. It was exhausting. Before you suggest your favorite news station as an alternative, please know I’ve listened to them all and none really appeal to me.

After a few minutes of channel surfing, I found myself switching to the tunes on my Apple Music How Big is Texas playlist and focusing on Texas-born artists instead. Lyle Lovett’sThis Old Porch” and “Texas River Song” brought back the simple things in life and what I love about having grown up in Texas.

Nothing better than being on an old porch swing in the evening, listening to Texas music, while cicadas and crickets join in…and swinging.

Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me” has been one of my go-to songs since I first heard it. My favorite part of Lambert’s lyrics is the following:

“You leave home, you move on

And you do the best you can,

I got lost in this whole world

And forgot who I am.”

Miranda Lambert – The House That Built Me
An old house I used to drive by in the Texas hill country, what is the story of the people who once lived here?

I started thinking that perhaps that’s what has happened to a lot of people this day and age. They’re lost in the world and forgot who they were. Who knows? Maybe they wanted or needed to forget.

I’ve moved a lot over my life, 21 times in Texas. The best memories I have are spending time with my grandparents. I miss them so much and thinking of them always puts a smile on my face. Their life was simple. We had great times, especially when listening to my Papa’s storytelling (if there had been an award for that, he would have won).

PaPa and Grandma Stone at their house near Troup, Texas.

My Grandma was a fantastic cook and we enjoyed wonderful home-cooked meals with sweet tea.

So in philosophizing about that day a few years ago, it comes down to this. I’m wondering. Could sweet tea, Texas music, and a home-cooked southern meal be the answer to communication, politics, or any other issues in life? I don’t know the answer but it certainly works for me.

This will be the easiest question you’ll have to answer all day. What’ll it be? A glass of iced tea, you say? Sweet or unsweet?

Mason jar filled with tea in Texas.

Until next time…from Texas…safe travels!

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  1. Yea, no sugar! I think you hit on a plan Ms Diann!

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