Why Texas is My Passion

Starting this blog about a month ago, I did so based on an idea that I wanted to see Texas in a different way than I’ve ever seen it as a Native. The blog’s name comes from the obvious. Texas IS a BIG state!

The beautiful Lone Star Flag, the state flag of Texas.

In order for you to better understand my passion for Texas, I thought it would help to start from the beginning. I’m 4th generation Texan. Almost all 16 of my 2nd great grandparents were born here in the mid to late 1800’s. All ended up in Texas. That alone instills Texas pride in me. Some interpret that as conceit or arrogance. For me, I’m just truly proud to come from the Lone Star State.

I’ve lived in 20 towns and cities in the Lone Star State, some as short as a few months, others as long as eight years. I’ve included the populations from back in the day to give you an idea of size difference. They ranged in population from as small as 200 and as large as nearly one million. Here’s the list:

  • Houston (1964) – Pop. 938,219 – Gulf Coast Region – Yes, I was born in the largest city in Texas
  • Channelview (1964 for a very short amount of time after my birth) – Pop. 7,860 – Gulf Coast Region
  • Chester (1965-1969) – Pop. estimated 260 – Piney Woods Region
  • Corrigan (1969-1972) – Pop. estimated 1,300 – Piney Woods Region
  • Laneville (1972-1976) – Pop. estimated 200 – Piney Woods Region
  • Follett (1976-1980) – Pop. 547 – Panhandle Plains Region
  • Livingston (1980-1982 + summers from 1983-1985) – Pop. 4,928 – Piney Woods Region
  • Tyler (1982-1984) – Pop. 70,508 – Piney Woods Region
  • Huntsville (1984-1986) – Pop. 12,936 – Piney Woods Region
  • Trinity (1987-1989) – Pop. 2,452 – Piney Woods Region
  • Denton (1989-1990) – Pop. 66,270 – Prairies & Lakes Region
  • Fort Worth (1990-1998) – Pop. 447,619 – Prairies & Lakes Region
  • 1998-2005 – Moved to Kansas (Garden City, Manhattan, and Randolph) then I came back home again.
  • Cleburne (2005 for three months) – Pop. 26,005 – Prairies & Lakes Region
  • Hillsboro (2005-2006) – Pop. 8,232 – Prairies & Lakes Region
  • McKinney (2006-2008) – Pop. 120,774 – Prairies & Lakes Region
  • Melissa (2008-2012) – Pop. 5,670 – Prairies & Lakes Region
  • Cedar Park (2012 for six months.) – Pop. 61,521 – Hill Country Region
  • Buda (2012-2016) – Pop. 14,914 – Hill Country Region
  • On the Road in the RV in the Southwest – April-December 2016
  • Mercedes (2017 for three months while camping in an RV) – Pop. 16,729 – South Texas Plains Region
  • San Angelo (2017 – Present) – Pop. 100,215 – Panhandle Plains Region

As you read, I also included the regions of Texas these cities and towns are in. There are a total of seven. The only one I haven’t lived in is the Big Bend Region, one of my favorites. I’ve visited plenty of times. I’m thinking it might be a good place to retire some day.

I’ve worked in the travel and tourism industry for more than 20 years, selling Texas cities, towns, and regions, so I’ve become familiar with various communities I haven’t lived in either.

I suppose you could call me a gypsy at heart. I joke that my grandfather’s surname is Stone. You might call me the rolling stone in the family. Yeah. I went there.

At the Texas entrance sign by Farwell in the Texas panhandle.
I’m an amateur photographer and I have more than 40,000 photos of this beautiful place I call home.

I’m not sure what the next quest in Texas will be or if it will include Morgan and Debra, my husband, Dan, or others, but I look forward to experiencing even more of this beautiful state I love.

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